Rust Prevention

Rust Prevention  

Protecting your car or truck  from the elements is important for ensuring its longevity. Automotive Protection Services provides  the highest quality service on the market for the prevention of corrosion or rust. We exclusively use Noxudol products imported from Sweden and we back our services with a 10 year written warranty to ensure you peace of mind. Our process for the application of our rust prevention products has been developed overs decades and continuously refined as vehicle manufacturers adopt new manufacturing techniques and methods.  One thing has remained a constant throughout the years - metal when exposed to air and moisture will oxidize, salt will accelerate that process and without proper care and attention all vehicles will corrode given time. 

Reach out to our automotive protection shop for more information about all of our rust prevention services and vehicle  protection services.


The very first step of any proper undercoating job is to clean the underside of your vehicle. We address all of the areas of your car that can collect contaminants—which contributes to corrosion. We completely clean them out. We use high-pressure power washers, with long wands and angled tips, to reach under your car or truck and remove all of the road grime, salt, mud, and sand. Then we put your vehicle on our four-post drive-on lift. Once in the air, we shine our bright lights underneath and look inside all of the crevices to ensure that we have cleaned out all of the contaminants. Only then do we apply our undercoating.


Rust Proofing

Rust proofing involves applying inner cavity wax to the upper sheet metal of your vehicle. Once applied, it seals out air and moisture which contributes to the formation of rust. We apply our cavity wax on the doors, rocker panels, tailgates, trunk lids, and inside the hood.

Our cavity wax is an impressive product that, along with regular maintenance, will ensure a rust-free body for your vehicle for up to 10 years.

Rust Eliminator

Rust eliminator is a tannic, acid-based product that can restore a rusty metal to a stable compound. We recommend the use of rust eliminator in conjunction with the physical removal of rust scale on a vehicle that is experiencing rust in order to arrest its progress. Once rust eliminator is applied, the chemicals are active and take time to cure (typically 8-12 hours). Once the rust eliminator has fully cured, the metal is ready to be undercoated—leaving it protected against further corrosion.

Contact us to make sure rust doesn’t get a foothold on your vehicle’s body. Our rust protection is available for car owners located throughout the mid-atlantic region.