Window Tinting in Fairfax, VA

Want to keep the sun out of your car to protect your interior? Maybe you just want a little extra privacy when your car is parked or you are on the road? No matter the reason, window tinting in Fairfax, VA, is a smart choice for your vehicle. Automotive Protection Services provides you with a wide variety of vehicle window tinting services, including a sunroof tint, to ensure you are properly protecting your vehicle Speak to us when you want the best in automotive protection services.

Nano Ceramic Performance

White jeep with black trimNCP window tint film combines the latest in window tint technology with the best in performance. NCP series film is, quite simply, the best window tint film available today! This film provides the best in heat rejection while not interfering with your vehicle’s connection to the outside world. It is a non-reflective shadow color and is available in eight different shades.

High Performance Metalized

White sedan carHPM series window tint film is a metalized film that combines style with high performance. This film provides excellent heat rejection with multi-layer construction. It provides you with 99% ultraviolet ray protection with great durability and a superior scratch-resistant coating. Additionally, it is reflective in appearance and is available in seven shades.

Premium Dyed Series

PD series window tint film is a premium dyed film that provides a great look that lasts at an amazing price. This film comes in a shadow color to match factory tint. It is non-reflective in appearance and is available in six shades.

Eye Brow

Purple hue corvetteThe strip of tint across the top of your windshield is called the eye brow of your car. Have you ever wished that this strip of tinting could be darker? Maybe you want it to be much darker? Well, we can do that for you.

Sun Roof Tint

A car with a sun roof is a nice feature. It is great to push that shade back on a nice sunny day, see the sky above you, and allow the cabin of your car to be illuminated by the sun’s natural rays. There is a hitch though. Doing so tends to make the inside of your car a fair bit warmer and, on a hot day, it can be downright uncomfortable.

There is an elegant solution—we can tint that glass panel for you with our NCP tint and it will block out the sun’s heat while allowing the visible light to pass through. This allows you to enjoy your sun roof even on a hot day!

Contact us when you are looking to keep the sun, as well as peering eyes, out of your vehicle. Our window tinting services are available to customers located throughout the Fairfax, Virginia, area.