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Don’t Worry About Your Car’s Future

At Automotive Protection Services we understand that your vehicle is a significant investment. 

Whether you're driving a new car or truck off the lot or you're keeping your old faithful running for another decade, we want to help you protect it. 

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Automotive Protection Services for All Kinds of Vehicles

We offer complete car and truck protection services to keep your vehicle looking new, or restore its original luster. We work on all makes and models. So whatever you drive, we can help.

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Ceramic Coatings

Ceramic car coatings are one of the most popular choices for car owners in McLean who want to protect their paint and keep their cars looking new. Ceramic Pro provides an invisible barrier against scratches, UV rays, and other environmental threats. They also make it easier to clean your vehicle and keep it looking shiny. 

Paint Protection Films 

One way to protect your car's finish is with protection film. XPEL paint protection film is a great option for McLean vehicles. This clear film acts as a barrier between your paint and the outside world, protecting your vehicle from scratches, chips, and other damage that can occur over time, making it easier to keep clean.

Vehicle Undercoating

If you want to extend the life of your vehicle, it is important to protect its underbelly against corrosion and rust. A layer of undercoating can provide this protection, as well as reduce interior noise and cover small areas of damage. Undercoating will not only improve the look of your vehicle but also extend its life and resale value. 


Window Tinting

At our tint shop, we offer a variety of window tinting options that can help to protect your car's upholstery from fading and damage caused by the sun's UV rays. We also offer window tinting that keeps your car cooler, which can save you money by reducing fuel costs. Window film can also reduce glare for safer driving conditions. 

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Car Detailing 

We offer a comprehensive range of car detailing services for vehicles in McLean that are designed to keep your vehicle looking its best. Our professional auto detailing service is ideal for new, used, and vehicles. We also provide paint protection for vehicles with specialized care needs, such as Teslas and classic cars.

Truck Bedliners

At our detail shop, we only use the best products to protect your truck. That's why we use Line-X® spray in bedliners for trucks in McLean. These high-quality bedliners form a seamless barrier that protects your truck from dents, dings, and scratches. In addition, they are specifically designed to resist UV damage and won't fade or crack over time. 

If you live in McLean, Virginia, contact Automotive Protection Services for high-quality vehicle protection, including coatings, window tinting, and detailing.  

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