Brake Dust on Wheels: Auto Detailing and Wax Application


brake dust wheels cleaning wax

In part one of this two-part blog series, we went over some of the basics on the process of removing brake dust from your car’s wheels and tires. Wheels and tires need love just like any other part of a vehicle. However, the detergents used to clean your vehicle will not be enough to remove the brake dust from your wheels.

At Automotive Protection Services, we provide a wide range of car detailing services, both interior and exterior – including wheels and tires. Removing built-up brake dust to prevent damage to alloy wheels and uneven braking is one of the services we provide.

Here’s how we do it.

Cleaning Solution Application

We left off in part one with the blasting of the wheels with a high-pressure stream of water, which is highly preferable to removing the entire wheel and tire. Once this has been done and any easily removable brake dust is gone, it’s time tocer move to a cleaning solution.

Choosing the right cleaning solution can be the difference between destroying the wheels’ finish and returning them to their like-new lustre. The finish on modern alloy wheels can be as delicate as the paint on the car.  Our technicians will choose the right solution for your car. It will be strong enough to break down the dust while gentle enough to protect delicate finishes.

Solution Agitation

After the cleaning solution is applied, the techs will use specially designed brushes to ensure they remove all the brake dust.  We pay extra attention to the sides of the wheel openings where accumulation is typically the heaviest. Flat surfaces are cleaned by hand with cloths designated for wheel cleaning.

Protective Coating

Once your wheels are clean, you will want to help keep them this way.  Creating a barrier between your wheels and the elements will help protect the finish and keep them looking new. Applying a fresh coat of wax will provide that protective barrier.

Similar to the wax we use on your car, we coat the wheels, allow the wax to dry, and then buff off. The result is a reduction in grease, dirt, and brake dust from adhering to your wheels.

Brake dust removal is part of Automotive Protection Services car detailing service. We offer a wide range of services to include Paint Protection, Window Tinting, Undercoating, and Spray In Bedliners. You can schedule an appointment online for any of these services.