Automotive Protection Services - Films Department

Welcome to APS, Fairfax - Automotive Films department. 

Automotive film is a broad category, comprised of three primary segments.

Window Tint

Window Tint is an automotive film applied to the inside of your vehicles windows. With a wide variety of shades from the darkest 5% to the lightest 80%. There are several reasons to have Window Tint applied to your car:


  • Privacy
  • Protection from harmful UV rays
  • Change the appearance of your vehicle
  • Blocking heat

    Window tint can meet all or some of these objectives.

Paint Protection Film

Paint Protection Film is an automotive film applied to your vehicles painted surfaces; the objective is to protect the paint from damage - like stone chips.
If you'd like to prevent damage caused by small debris, there is no better choice than Paint Protection Film.

Vinyl Wrap

Vinyl Wrap - 3M 1080 vinyl is used to change the appearance of your car. Vinyl is used for things like a chrome delete, accent color stripes, or even a full-color change. With a near-endless variety of color's textures and finishes, the only limitation is your imagination.