Spruce Up Your Vehicles for June Celebrations


ceramic coating

If you have a beat-up, rusted-out care, you are probably not reading this post. Posts on the Automotive Protection Services website are written for drivers who love and care for their cars keeping them in the best condition possible. If that’s you, you may be thinking about getting your car ready for the busy summer season, when you start rolling up to parties and cookouts with the top down and the radio playing your favorite tunes. You will want your ride to look good while also being protected so you want to check out a few important services from APS such as window tinting, auto detailing, and ceramic coatings.

Auto Detailing in Fairfax

June is a busy month in the DMV, with graduations, weddings, barbecues, and more. Friends and family will rely on you and your well-kept vehicle to ferry guests between airports, hotels, and party venues. Even if you’re just loading up the car to head to a low-key cookout, you will arrive in style.

Conscientious car owners can be found vacuuming their interiors on weekends and applying tire shine. At Automotive Protection Services, we applaud your dedication. But if you really want your car to shine, you will want to get a professional auto detailing in Fairfax.  Car detailing services from us includes every nook and cranny of your vehicle leaving it crumb and streak-free. It’s good to give your car this thorough cleaning twice a year if not once a quarter.

Ceramic Coatings for Vehicles

Ceramic coatings applied by our Fairfax shop instantly improve the look of your vehicle. Your car, truck or van will be cleaner, shinier, and an overall head-turner. A ceramic coating is not just a shiny gloss — it also helps prevent dirt, pollen, and other substances from sticking to and damaging your vehicle’s finish.

As expensive as cars have become in the last couple of years, both new and used, you will want to protect and preserve their finish. A ceramic coating will help not only keep your new car looking newer longer, but it will also help it retain its value. Adding a ceramic coating to a used vehicle can restore its appearance and potentially increase its trade-in or resell value.

Get a ceramic coating in June and be certain your vehicle will look fabulous all summer long.

Window Tinting for Fairfax Vehicles

Window tinting isn’t only for drivers who want to appear aloof and mysterious — it’s also a great way to keep your vehicle’s interior cooler on a blisteringly hot summer day in Fairfax. You won’t have to worry about that melting feeling when you climb into your vehicle after it has been sitting in the Virginia sun for hours. Your steering wheel will be cooler to the touch, and it won’t take your AC as long to cool things off.

Additionally, window tinting helps protect against UV damage to your vehicle’s interior and to you. The hot southern sun can fade upholstery, crack leather, and cause plastic elements of your vehicle such as dashboards to lose their shape. Window tinting prevents such deterioration. It also protects your delicate skin from the harmful effects of the sun.

Wherever your travels take you this month, APS urges you to go in style with window tinting, ceramic coating, and automotive detailing in Fairfax.