Government Fleet Services in Fairfax, Virginia

Government Fleet Services

Government and municipal fleets are constantly in demand. In order to meet this need expert service and carefully planned preventive government fleet maintenance is essential. Our experienced team of certified technicians ensures efficient operation and maximum fleet availability for government fleets across the nation.

The majority of our government fleet maintenance contracts have been competitively awarded and much of our success can be attributed to our ability to perform the same requirements as our predecessor, more efficiently, while maintaining, and actually improving the quality of service. Our cost-effective fleet maintenance program also helps government services safety meet tight budgets.

government fleet vehicle

Automotive Protection Services offers the government sector a proprietary Target Cost fleet maintenance option. This contractual maintenance program considers vehicle life cycles, preventive maintenance requirements, and projected repairs to build a Guaranteed Target Cost budget for your fleet.

We understand the complexity of managing a government fleet in a municipal environment where the following issues are critical:

  • Responsiveness to fleet user needs is vital
  • Fleet services provided at a convenient, secure and properly equipped facility
  • Fleet management facility located centrally, with ease of access for all departments
  • Vehicle use is high and optimal availability is necessary to provide essential services to citizens
  • Performance standards are stringent
  • Vehicle retention may be extended due to availability of capital funds
  • Extreme geographic and operating environments may result in higher, extended vehicle use and wear

Through experience, we have developed economies and solutions to these problems thereby enabling our fleet maintenance program to conserve costs, maintain flexibility and productivity while consistently exceeding performance requirements. We constantly strive to improve contract performance by frequently and objectively analyzing work methods, skill-mix, organizational structure, and labor resources; assuring “state of the art” fleet maintenance. We rely heavily on actual cost and productivity data extracted from an advanced fleet management information system to pinpoint areas for improvement.

Every contract and customer is unique, what works for one may not be feasible or recommended at another. Therefore, we examine each solution on its own merits, weighing potential benefit against risk/cost. First and foremost, WE LISTEN. Then new ideas are discussed with the customer for their input, and solutions are implemented on a trial basis and closely measured to see if the desired results are achieved. With this approach, we take the lead in service quality improvements rather than merely reacting to a situation.

Automotive Protection Services is committed to providing the highest quality service, on-time and at a realistic price. We have the qualifications, processes, structure, tools, staffing, and management insight to fulfill this pledge.

Critical Qulifications:
SWaM Certified - Virginia government contracting
D.U.N.S number upon request
Track record of sucess: Some examples
- FBI Academy
- Fairfax City
- Northern Virginia Community College
- Fairfax Schools