Car Paint Sealants in Fairfax, Virginia

Protection Servcies

You've made the investment into your new vehicle.
Now it's time to protect that investment. At Automotive Protection Services (APS - Fairfax) we offer a number of different ways to protect your vehicle against the typical insults that your new car or truck will endure over the course of its life. UV rays, acid rain, environmental fallout, tree sap, bird droppings - you name it, they're all at work every day trying to breakdown the paint finish on your car. Likewise, the materials on the interior of your vehicle are being worked on by the environment. UV rays try to fade the pigments on the hard and soft surfaces of your car or truck. Same with chemicals tracked in from the outside (like road salts). Even just simple specks of dirt will get warn into your seats and breakdown the leathers or fabric.

A well-executed protection regime is the best defense in order to keep your vehicle looking, and smelling fresh and new - like it did when it sat on the showroom floor.

Polymer Paint Sealant

Polymer Paint Sealant (PPS), featuring an industry-leading 4 Polymer Paint Sealant and a ten-year warranty. Paint protection and a premium paint sealant designed for the perfectionist. All-Finish paint protection that is state-of-the-art; this four-polymer system results in a thorough blanket of protection on your paint. It is almost impenetrable to environmental fall-out and contamination.  The active polymers created at the microscopic level, increase the surface area, that reflects light across the spectrum and creates a super-slick surface with little drag. Each of the polymers reflects and refracts light differently. Together these elements leave your painted surfaces looking similar to a diamond shimmering in the sunlight.

Topped off with a low-gloss rubber dressing and protectant: applied by hand, to all rubber door seals, hood and trunk seals and of course your tires. - protecting your critical seals against sun fading and dry rot, without being overly glossy and flashy.

Interior Detailing

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Contact us when you are looking to improve the appearance of your vehicle. Our exterior and interior detailing services are available to customers located throughout the Fairfax, Virginia, area.

Interested in the latest detailing tech - check out Ceramic Coatings.
Military and First Responders Discount: 10% (all initial services)

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Schedule Service

  • Choose the service that fits your needs
  • Day of the week and the time that fit your schedule.
  • Pay for the work when you pick up your vehicle after you've seen the work and approve of its quality.
  • We have a night drop slot and after-hours drop-ff options.

We hope to see you and your vehicle soon.

Polymer Paint Sealant

Interior Protection Service

Protecting the interior of your vehicle is one of the best ways to keep your vehicle looking and smelling like new. Between chemicls and the enviroment being tracked in, accidental spills, dogs and kids the inside of your vehicle will need to endure a lot.
For an interior protection service we'll do the following.

  • Thoroughly vacuum the interior and trunk
  • Shampoo Carpet & Upholstery Using Hot Water Extraction
  • Remove Any Spots & Stains
  • Apply Fabric Protector To Carpet, Mats, & Seats (fabric)
  • Clean Leather and Apply Leather Conditioner
  • Clean Inside Glass & Mirrors
  • Clean and Dress All Plastic and Vinyl
  • Clean Dashboard, Door Panels, Cup Holders,  Door Pockets etc
  • All Our Cleaning Solutions Are Anti-Bacterial For A Clean, Fresh Interior