Tesla Paint Protection in Fairfax, Virginia


Automotive Protection Services in Fairfax Virginia is a stalwart member of the Tesla community.

When it comes to Tesla, paint protection is critical and requires expertise.  We offer a number of different ways to protect the paint of your Tesla. The best protection against kinetic impacts that cause damage like stone chips is Paint Protection Film (PPF). We offer several PPF options to fit any budget. All PPF in our shop is applied by our master films applicator - he's been applying films for over 15 years. We also perform all our films applications inside a clean-room to ensure that dust or pollen are not trapped between the film and your paint.

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Another option to protect your Tesla's paint is a Ceramic Coating. We offer Ceramic Coating packages featuring Kenzo by IGL - rated to a 10H hardness (the strongest coating in the industry). Our Ceramic Coatings are applied by our Master Detailer, who has over 25 years of detailing experience.

There are several other options for protecting and enchasing your Tesla that we offer here at Automotive Protection Services.
Window Tint, featuring the latest nano-ceramic window film with enhanced IR rejection
- Interior Protection to keep the inside of your Tesla looking it's best for the longevity
Vinyl Wrap, high quality 3M 1080 vinyl for vehicle appearance enhancements like a chrome delete.