Paint Protection in Fairfax, VA

Paint protection film in Fairfax, VA, preserves the resale value of your vehicle by protecting the paint so you won’t have to do any touch ups or repainting later on. Automotive Protection Services is proud to provide you with the automotive paint protection you need to help you save money. Repainting your car costs money and time and, unfortunately, the repainting doesn’t always match up well. This can devalue your vehicle.

Protecting your vehicle’s paint with paint protection film helps you maintain your car’s resale value by keeping your vehicle looking brand new. This automotive protection service can be custom tailored to fit your precise needs. We offer professional installation packages along with a 10-year warranty. Stop in today or give us a call to schedule an appointment in regards to our car paint protection services.

Contact us for more information about protecting the paint on your vehicle. Our paint protection film is available to customers located throughout the Fairfax, Virginia, area.


Standard paint protectionPartial hood, Fender Tips, Mirrors 


Partial Hood, Fender Tips, Front Bumper, Mirrors 

Extreme Front End

Full Hood, Full Fenders, Front Bumper, Mirrors