About Us

Automotive Protection Services is a family-owned-and-operated business  with one simple goal—the protection and appearance of your car, truck, or motorcycle. We provide automotive protection services to our customers located throughout the mid-Atlantic region. We've serviced fleets from as far away as  Raleigh North Carolina, Westminster Maryland, Wheeling, Virginia and Dover Delaware. Many of our most loyal and repeat customers are your local neighborhood landscapers, in towns like Gainesville, Culpepper, Great Falls, Alexandria, Rockville, Leesburg, Manassas, Falls Church, Winchester and Richmond. Institutions like VDOT, the FBI, Fairfax city schools, Fairfax city, Northern Virginia Community College and Housing and Urban Development have trusted us to keep their vehicles protected.

We achieve our goal of protecting our customers vehicles with a host of products and services,  undercoating and rust proofing services.  - Featuring the world's best corrosion resistant products - Noxudol, who backs a 10 year rust through warranty. 
Automotive detailing
services with optional paint sealants along with fabric and leather protectants.   - Be sure to ask about our 4 stage Polymer Paint Sealant
Spray-on bed liners   by Armadillo Liners featuring a nationwide lifetime warranty.
Window tinting&Paint Protection Film with the latest nano-ceramic technology which boasts 97% heat, UVA/UVB and infrared ray rejection  along with our area exclusive - We're the only applicators in the area that do all their film work inside an enclosed paint booth - ensuring that no dust, pollen or contaminants of any be kind trapped between the film and your car's windows or painted surfaces - just a clean job every time.

Contact us to learn more about our automotive protection services . Our services are available for vehicle owners located throughout the mid-Atlantic region. The truth is, you have made a huge investment into your car and it should look nice and smell nice too! We can help.

Ian's Bio

Ian is a Father of twin boys, northern Virginia resident since 2000, golfer and fisherman (when time permits). Buffalo Bills Fan and lifelong car nut.
- Most desired car, 1972 Oldsmobile 442. The protection and appearance of your car truck or motorcycle is his professional passion.

Matt's Bio

Matt grew up in Front Royal, Virginia where he was a star point guard for the Wild Cats. On days off you can find Matt hiking trails and dragging the occasional pot at the no-limit Hold'em tables of MGM's casino. During business hours you'll find Matt dispensing sage advise about how to best protect your vehicle against rust, acid rain, UV rays, bird droppings and what ever else you might wish to ask him about.

Carlos's Bio

Carlos Rodo is 15 year veteran of films applications. Whether it's Window Tint, Paint Protection Film, or Vinyl Wraps there isn't a challenge Carlos hasn't overcome. Carlos comes to us from Bolivia, and is a father to three children. Carlos is the shop ham, his laugh is infectious and can be heard throughout the shop at all hours - but don't let his jocular nature fool you. Carlos is very hard working, putting in long hours on large films jobs all while meeting the exacting standards that he sets for himself.

Hugo's Bio

Hugo Castillo has been detailing automobiles for over 25 years, it's more than a job its a passion. Hugo comes to us from Peru and talks often about retirement back in his native homeland, spending time under the shade tree. Before Hugo shuffles off to South America he'll be infusing his talents into the paint finishes of our loyal customers who've learned to ask for him by name.