Exterior Detailing

Red Ford Focus - Polymer Paint SealantMuch more than a “car wash”, an exterior detail provides your vehicle with a high-quality, hands-on cleaning experience from bumper-to-bumper, top-to-bottom. Our highly-trained vehicle experts remove all of the dirt, residue, and scratches the road inflicts, renewing your car or truck’s luster while helping maintain its appearance for years to come.

Your car or truck deserves to look the way it did in the showroom. We have the exterior detailing knowledge and skill necessary to restore the shine on your vehicle’s chrome, trim, wheels, tires, and glass so you can get back that new car look and feel.

Interior Detailing

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As you first settle into your new vehicle, a deep connection is created; this vehicle has become an extension of you. Then life happens. From months of being on-the-go, to the “oops” and “uh-ohs” of your little ones, to the bits and pieces of nature that get tracked in—we get it. Our anti-bacterial interior detailing not only cleans and disinfects; it restores your vehicle’s surfaces and reignites that initial connection you experienced when you first stepped into your vehicle.

Protection Packages

Polishing carEnjoy our Polymer Paint Sealant (PPS) , featuring an industry-leading paint sealant. Paint protection and a premium paint sealant designed for the perfectionist. An all-finish paint protection that is state-of-the-art paint sealant, this tri-polymer system results in a true blanket of protection on your paint. It is almost impenetrable to environmental fall-out and contamination.  Created a microscopic level, the active polymers  increased the surface area that reflects light across the spectrum and creates a super-slick surface with little drag. Each of the polymers reflects and refracts light differently. This leaves your painted surfaces with a look that is similar to a diamond shimmering in the sunlight. 
This service is topped off with a low-gloss rubber dressing and protectant - the product is applied by hand, to all rubber door seals, hood and trunk seals and of course your tires - it protects your critical seals against sun fading and dry rot, without being overly glossy and flashy.  

Combine your exterior Polymer Paint Sealant (PPS) with our Interior Protection Services (IPS), featuring:

Fabric Protection - An Effective Seal against Unwanted Staining
Leather Conditioner - Protects Your Vehicle’s Leather Surfaces from Cracking or Fading, Ensuring a Soft and Supple Feel
Biosheild 75 - Protects against a Number of Germs, Bacteria, & Microbes That Lead to Illness

Contact us when you are looking to improve the appearance of your vehicle. Our exterior and interior detailing services are available to customers located throughout the Fairfax, Virginia, area.