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Rust Prevention

It is important to protect your car or truck from the elements.  Automotive Protection Services - Fairfax Virginia provides the highest quality undercoating & rustproofing service on the market. We exclusively use Noxudol products imported from Sweden and we back our services with a 10 year written warranty to ensure your peace of mind. Our process has been developed over decades and continuously refined as vehicle manufacturers adopt new manufacturing techniques and methods.  One thing has remained constant throughout the years - metal, when exposed to air and moisture, will oxidize, and salt will accelerate that process.  Without proper care and attention, like undercoating and rustproofing all vehicles will corrode, given time. 

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A Guide to Rust Prevention for Fleet Owners

Learn more about the effects rust has on your fleet and how you can mitigate the damages.

A Guide to Rust Prevention

The very first step of any proper undercoating job is to clean the underside of your vehicle, remove all of the road grime, salt, brine, mud, and sand. Then we put your vehicle on our four-post drive-on lift. Once in the air, we shine our bright lights underneath and look inside all of the crevices to ensure that we have cleaned out all of the contaminants.

We start the undercoating process by applying cavity wax (similar to Fluid Film) inside your frame and floor pan. The cavity wax is a proprietary formula supplied by Noxudol. Then we mask off the areas of your vehicle that the undercoating chemical will not be applied to - shocks, breaks, drive-shaft, and exhaust system. We apply a thick coating of undercoating to your frame rails, floor pans, rocker panels, wheel wells - everything on the underside of your vehicle that doesn't move or get hot. The undercoating is a proprietary formula supplied by Noxudol, it bonds with the cavity wax to form a seal that keeps moister out while protecting your vehicle's undercarriage. Noxudol backs the process with a Ten-Year written warranty (see store for details).


Rustproofing involves applying cavity wax (similar to Fluid Film) inside the upper sheet metal of your vehicle. Once applied, it seals out air and moisture which contributes to the formation of rust. We apply our rustproofing cavity wax inside the door panels, rocker panels, tailgates, trunk lids, and inside the hood.

Our rustproofing cavity wax is an impressive product that, along with regular maintenance, will ensure a rust-free body for your vehicle - the product is backed by a ten-year written warranty by Noxudol.

If you'd like to protect your vehicles upper sheet metal against the formation of rust there is no better option on the market today than a Noxudol cavity wax application.

Rust Eliminator

Rust eliminator (AKA rust converter and similar to POR-15) is a tannic, acid-based product that can restore a rusty metal to a stable compound. We recommend the use of rust eliminator in conjunction with the physical removal of rust scale on a vehicle that is experiencing rust in order to arrest its progress. Once rust eliminator is applied, the chemicals are active and take time to cure (typically 8-12 hours). Once the rust eliminator has fully cured, the metal is ready to be undercoated—leaving it protected against further corrosion.

Contact us to make sure rust doesn’t get a foothold on your vehicle’s body. Our rust protection is available for car owners located throughout the mid-Atlantic region.

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The very first thing that we're going to do is clean the whole underside of your vehicle - remove all the road grime, road salt, brine and pre-treatment, mud, grease - anything that contributes to corrosion. Then we'll put the vehicle on our four-post drive-on lift, put it up in the air and dry the underside of the vehicle with our high-pressure air system. Then we'll apply a thick coating of our abrasion-resistant undercoating to the underside of the vehicle, the floor pans, frame rails, rocker panels - everything on the underside of your vehicle that doesn't move or get hot (like your exhaust system, drive train or shocks).
For a new vehicle - we recommend leaving it with us overnight to allow adequate time for the undercoating to thoroughly cure. For vehicles that require rust remediation work - the process can take a couple of days. (Please call or email).

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FAQ's about Undercoating

Questions customers ask us frequently: Undercoating

1.  Will undercoating void my warranty?

No, undercoating & rustproofing will not void your manufactures warranty. It's designed to work with your warranty, protecting critical parts like your frame and floor pan. Here is a link that provides some additional information

2. How do you apply the undercoating?

The very first thing that we do whenever we apply undercoating is clean the whole underside of the vehicle - we remove all dirt, mud, salt, chemicals, grease, everything that contributes to corrosion. Then we put the car up in the air using our four-post drive-on lift. Once in the air, we dry the underside of the vehicle using our high-pressure air system. Then we remove the spare tire (if it's located under the vehicle). Then we mask off the parts of the vehicle that we're not spraying (exhaust system, drive shaft, shocks). Then we spray the whole vehicle with a thick coating of undercoating - frame rails, floor pans, rocker panels, wheel wells, etc. Then we set it aside and allow the chemical to properly cure.

3. I've heard undercoating can cause rust - is that true?

No, undercoating does not cause the formation of rust. Rust a chemical reaction when iron (part of steel) oxidizes. Undercoating helps to prevent this from happening by creating a barrier between the metal and environment surrounding it.

4. Cars and trucks don't rust anymore so I don't really need undercoating, do I?

False, Cars and trucks do rust, while automobile manufacturers have made great strides in reducing rust occurrences they've not eliminated them. See this link for more information

5. When should I get my vehicle undercoated & rustproofed?

The most cost-effective time to undercoat your vehicle is when it's brand new. Once your vehicle has shown signs of rust it will be most expensive to remediate.

6. If my vehicle already has rust it's too late, isn't it?

No, it's not too late at all - we do have a process to remediate the rust - it involves the use grinders wire wheels, wire-bristle brushes, and the use of rust eliminator (like rust converter or POR-15) chemical. The process works and can be an excellent option after the purchase of a pre-owned vehicle.

7. I thought this was just something dealers use to pad their sale, but it doesn't really work, right?

It does work if it's applied correctly.

8. What is undercoating made of?

The undercoating we use in this shop is manufactured by Noxudol - it's a solvent-based product. The particulars of their product are a trade secrete.

9. Is there a warranty with the product/service?

Yes, we offer a ten-year warranty for qualifying vehicles - less than 36 months and 36,000 miles from the date of manufacturer.

10. How much will it cost for my vehicle?

Prices vary depending on the size, and condition - please contact our shop or fill our quote request form