Should You Detail Your Car in The Winter? (Yes, Here’s Why)


Should You Detail Your Car in The Winter

Winter is in full swing in Fairfax, VA, and you might be wondering: Is it a good time for car detailing? After all, with all the salt and slush on the roads, it’s just going to get dirty again. Well, Automotive Protection Services, Fairfax’s premier detail shop, is here to tell you why it’s a good idea.

Harsh winter conditions can do a number on your car. In this blog, we’ll discuss why giving your car a winter clean with some quality detailing is super important and how Automotive Protection Services can help keep your ride looking sharp and well-protected through the winter months.

Battling Salt and Road Sludge

You know how it is in Fairfax when winter hits: at the first mention of snow, the county spreads chemicals. While this is great to protect us from slipping and sliding, it’s not so great for your car’s paint job. Salt and chemicals can cause rust and damage to your vehicle if left untouched. Regular car detailing is like giving your car a much-needed bath to wash away all that gunk and keep your vehicle from deteriorating.

Keeping Your Paint Job Pristine

Winter can be brutal on your car’s paint. The cold makes it brittle; all that freezing and thawing can cause chipping and peeling. Ice, snow, and water can penetrate cracks in your paint resulting in rusting. Getting your car detailed in winter removes harmful chemicals and can expose problem areas in your paint.

Inside Matters Too

Winter also means muddy shoes, wet coats, and slush getting dragged into your car. It’s a recipe for a messy interior. Regular detailing keeps your ride’s inside looking and smelling clean, saving your seats and carpets from turning into a soggy, mildewy, and smelly mess.

Bright and Shiny Headlights

December 21st is the shortest day of the year. And until mid-March or so, our days seem so short. We go to work in the dark and come home in the dark. We always seem to be using our headlights to see. But snow, ice, and salt can fog up your headlights. Professional detailing makes sure they remain clean and clear, so your vision isn’t impaired on those dark winter drives.

Fighting Off Rust

Winter isn’t just cold and wet; it’s a rust monster for your car, especially underneath where you can’t see. Regular detailing can include rust prevention, keeping your vehicle’s undercarriage from rusting away.

Keeping Your Car’s Value

Keeping your car well-maintained, especially during winter, can make a big difference in its trade-in value. Winter detailing shows you care about your car, which can mean more cash in your pocket when it’s time to trade in or sell.

Winter car detailing isn’t a splurge. It’s a necessity. Protecting your car from the harsh winter elements is a must, especially here in Fairfax, VA. Don’t let winter rough up your ride. Book a detailing session with Automotive Protection Services. Your car will not only be protected against the elements and look better, but you’ll also feel good driving it through those chilly months.

Trust Automotive Protection Services in Fairfax, VA, to keep your car looking pristine. Contact us today!