Spring Automotive Detailing – APS in Fairfax Virginia


Spring has sprung - This means your car is probably covered with layers stuff that won't do your paint any favors.

Here are some reasons to get your car detailed this spring at a place like APS in Fairfax, Virginia.

  1. Undercarriage cleaning: Remove the salt residue from your undercarriage and engine bay (remember those pre-treatment brines are still active on your vehicle months later)
  2. Leaf and seed Removal: Remove all that stuff that falls from trees and gets trapped in your vehicles cowl, door jambs, hood, and engine jambs - that material will break down over time and cause damage to your paint.
  3. Paint Protection: Apply either wax or sealant to your paint and protect it against the harsh sun that will increase in intensity over the coming weeks and months of summer.
  4. Interior Protection: Clean out the interior: again remove that salt residue from the winter, along with whatever dirt was tracked in. That salt and dirt with continue to be ground into the fibers and natural surfaces of the interior of your vehicle now is a good time to clean it out and protect it going forward
  5. Window Clarity: Clean your windows: properly cleaned windows and wiper blades are a safety matter, as a good vision when we're driving is critical. We also encourage the use of Aquapel to keep rainwater beading and running off your windows in heavy rain events.
spring cleaning car

Spring is a time when a lot of folks look to have their vehicles cleaned in anticipation of the summer months to come. The thought is that they will be able to enjoy the value of the money spent on a detail longer before bad weather makes their car dirty again. It's understandable, however much of the purpose for detailing is actually to protect your vehicle against damage, not only the aesthetic value gleaned from a freshly detailed car. Proper detailing, the way it's done at APS in Fairfax will make your vehicle look great - but it will also do much more. It will protect your vehicle against the environmental impacts that mother nature will throw your way. Acid Rain, UV-Rays, tree-sap, bird droppings, mud and dirt, and sand tracked in from outside, road-grime, brake-dust, the list just on and on... all year long.

We look forward to seeing you this spring for the year-round protection that your vehicle deserves.