3 Reasons Paint Protection Film Is a Good Investment


Paint protection film, Fairfax VA

Did you know that paint protection film is one of the best investments you can make for your car, truck or SUV?

When applied by an experienced technician from Automotive Protection Services in Fairfax, VA, this high-tech thermoplastic film protects your vehicle’s finish and keeps your paint job looking showroom fresh. Our paint protection film provides an invisible barrier between your car and the harsh road and climate conditions of our region.

No. 1: Paint Protection Protects Resale Value

The Washington Metropolitan area climate is rough on your car and our roadways are no better. Between the bugs, birds, rocks, and other road debris, your vehicle’s paint can quickly become scratched, pitted and dinged. This, in turn, exposes the body to moisture and a variety of environmental contaminants, leading to corrosion and rust, all of which decrease the value of your car.

Getting body work and a new paint job can cost a fortune. In many cases the new paint isn’t an exact  match to the old finish. This alone makes the cost of paint protection film a solid investment.

No. 2: Paint Film Keeps Your Car’s Finish Looking Brand New

Everyone wants their car or truck to look fresh and new. Faded and oxidized paint causes your vehicle to look old and tired. Vehicles that collect dings and chips in the paint look older than their years.

With paint protection film, you can keep your car or truck looking like new even years after driving it off the lot.

No. 3: Automotive Paint Protection Makes Car Washes a Breeze

Installing customized film or a clear bra will end your struggle to rid your vehicle of dead bugs, bird droppings, brake dust, tar, and all sorts of road gunk. In fact, you can practically just rinse away any dirt or mud that might be on the surface and get on with your day.

Stop worrying every time a bird flies overhead, or you get behind the salt truck, or you have to drive through a gravel parking lot. We’ve got you covered…literally.

Don’t make the mistake, however, of believing that all things are equal. Subpar materials and/or poor installation could be more damaging than the elements you are trying to protect against.  Bubbling and peeling films can take your car’s expensive finish right off your car.

Bypass the mobile detailers and the DIYers and look for an established shop that does auto detailing. In Fairfax, that’s Automotive Protection Services, Virginia’s go-to expert for automotive paint protection. Our technicians are highly knowledgeable, well trained and experienced. Our state-of-the-art shop has everything we need to provide you with a fully customized film or clear bra application – and our installation is backed by a ten-year warranty.

You can customize the level of protection you want and need. We can apply film to just the hood or we can protect all the leading edges, bumpers, and fenders.  Or we can protect the entire vehicle. The choice is yours.

Contact us today to learn more about our products and services, or to schedule your appointment for a clear bra or paint protection film in Fairfax.