Sun Protection 101: 6 Tips for Preserving Your Car’s Condition


Sun Protection 101

If you have lived in the Fairfax, VA area for a year or two, you have experienced one of our DMV summers…high temperatures, high humidity, and intense sun. You can see the heat radiating off the sidewalk, off your car, and feel the stifling heat inside in your car. During testing conducted at the State Farm® Vehicle Research Facility, interior air temperatures have been recorded well in excess of 145 degrees Fahrenheit and interior surfaces exposed to direct sunlight have recorded temperatures in excess of 195 degrees Fahrenheit.

These conditions can take a toll on your vehicle. UV rays dry out your dashboard, leather, vinyl, fabric and carpeting. There isn’t a surface that is safe from these damaging rays. So how do you preserve your investment from fading and cracking – both inside and out – during our summer months?

To ensure that your vehicle remains looking its best and functioning optimally through the hottest months of the year, Automotive Protection Services in Fairfax, VA, shares six tips for preserving your car’s condition, and keeping you cool for the sunny days ahead.

1) UV Window Tinting

Window tinting is the ultimate way to protect your vehicle from the hot Fairfax, VA, sun. Window tinting blocks UV rays by incorporating UV-blocking agents within the film, which act as a barrier and prevents harmful rays from penetrating windows. Car window tinting also reduces interior fading caused by UV rays and keeps your car cooler making it more comfortable. An additional benefit is the extra layer of privacy window tinting adds, making it difficult for outsiders to see inside your vehicle.

2) Invest in Window Protectors

Aftermarket window protectors such as sun shades, window socks or clings are a low-tech and low-cost alternative to window tinting. They will protect against the damaging UV rays helping to protect your interior and keeping out some of the heat. There are a couple of downsides to these window protectors when compared to window tinting.

  1. Doesn’t protect you while you are driving
  2. Doesn’t fully cover your window allowing UV rays to penetrate
  3. Temporary solution that must placed in the windshield and then stored in between uses.

3) Park in Shade

Parking your car in the shade provides relief from sweltering temperatures and helps proetect it from UV rays. By shielding your vehicle from direct sunlight, shade helps to reduce heat buildup inside your car, easing the strain on the air conditioning system, and preventing damage to delicate components. In addition, parking in the shade reduces the amountof fading and cracking upholstery and dashboard caused by harmful UV exposure.

4) Consider Ceramic Coating

Ceramic coating protects the exterior of your car from the harmful effects of the sun. It adds the strongest amount of protection, durability and gloss. This cutting-edge technology protects against color fading as well as micro-marring.

5) Clean and Wax Regularly

Maintaining a consistent cleaning and waxing routine for your vehicle is crucial in preserving its shine and protecting it from the sun’s damaging effects. Regularly applying wax forms a barrier between your car’s paint job and the sun’s rays, which safeguards against fading and cracking, prolonging its lifespan.

6) Invest in Seat Covers

Sunlight can cause the upholstery of your car’s seats to fade and crack, over time. By installing seat covers, you create an additional layer of protection that shields your seats from direct sunlight, preventing damage and preserving their appearance and integrity. Also, seat covers can regulate seat temperature, minimizing discomfort from hot surfaces on scorching summer days.

If you want to preserve the value of your car and maintain it’s showroom appearance, you will want to protect it from the damaging affects of the sun. Window tint, window protectors, parking in the shade, ceramic coating, regular cleaning and waxing, and using seat covers are some of the best ways to protect your car against the sun.

Get a quote for window tinting and ceramic coating from Automotive Protection Services in Fairfax, VA, today to safeguard your vehicle from the sun and maintain its optimal condition during the hot summer months.