Car Window Tinting Benefits You Need Now


Automotive Protection Services

Have you been thinking about getting car window tinting? Whether your goal is more privacy or better protection from the sun, our Fairfax tint shop can get the job done. Automotive Protection Services has been applying window tint to vehicles in the Northern Virginia and D.C. area for over 40 years and is one of the ways we earned our reputation as a leader in the industry.

Window Tinting Keeps Out Prying Eyes

You don’t have to be a celebrity to want some privacy when you drive your car. Not everyone needs to know what you have inside your car — keep your valuables safe with tinted windows.

Window tint is especially popular in the DC Metropolitan area among politicians, athletes, and business professionals. Business meetings, romantic outings, and your children will be kept private behind tinted windows.

Car Window Tinting Is Cool — Literally

Summers in Farifax, VA can get extremely hot. The inside of your vehicle can reach temperatures of 150 degrees Fahrenheit. . Window tint can block up to 65% of the sun’s heat and glare and as much as 99% of the harmful UV rays. You may not even need to wear sunglasses to drive anymore.

Window Tinting Preserves Car Interiors

Car interiors can suffer greatly if they are regularly exposed to the hot sun. Leather seats can dry out and crack, while fabric seats can fade. If you keep your car in a garage most of the time, issues with the sun may not be a problem. But if you park outside at work or at home in an area without sufficient shade, your car is at the mercy of the sun’s harmful UV rays.

And it’s not only the upholstery that’s at risk, it’s the other interior components as well, such as the dashboard and any rubber parts.

Window Tinting in Fairfax Done Right

When you want car window tint, it’s important to go to a tint shop with experience in not just applying the tint, but also in the laws governing window tint in Virginia. For instance, if your car window tint blocks more than 50% of the light from coming into your side windows, it’s illegal in the Commonwealth of Virginia. How do you know if you have the right percentage?

It can be difficult to tell if you are buying car window tint online and applying it yourself, but at our Fairfax tint shop, we understand and thoroughly comply with the laws. If a tint shop makes an error applying your car window tint and you get pulled over in Virginia, it’s a class 3 misdemeanor punishable by a $110 fine.

Protect your car — and your privacy — by getting car window tinting in Fairfax at Automotive Protection Services.