3 Reasons to Skip DIY Car Detailing & Use a Detail Shop


Automotive Protection Services

Are you a dedicated do-it-yourselfer? Do you clean your own gutters, mow your own lawn and change your own oil? Here at Automotive Protection Services, Fairfax’s leading detail shop, we admire DIYers for investing their time and energy and for not being afraid of getting their hands dirty. However, there are some jobs that are better left to the professionals, and car detailing is one of them. Why?

1. You Get Better Results from an Auto Detailing Shop

An auto detailing shop has many advantages that the average car owner likely does not. One of these is access to specialized equipment. An exterior car detailing job involves much more than washing the car with soapy water and a sponge-like you would at your home. At Automotive Protection Services we perform a comprehensive 7 step process that not only cleans but also protects your vehicle’s exterior.

With interior detailing, the differences are even greater. While you may shake out your car mats and vacuum the carpeting, the staff at our car detailing shop in Fairfax shampoo your vehicle’s carpets, getting out footprints, coffee stains, and even mold.

As part of our detailing services, we offer virus disinfecting. We follow the CDC set of guidelines for disinfecting and cleaning your vehicle. The process requires a variety of specialized equipment – including personal protective equipment or PPE – as well as the use of registered antimicrobials and other products necessary for effective disinfection.

2. It Preserves the Value of Your Car

At our auto detailing shop, we do not merely clean your car — we restore it to its once-pristine condition. Dirt left in your carpets can cause the fibers to break down, creating worn patches. We remove dirt thoroughly, leaving your carpets clean and disinfected..

When we detail your car’s exterior, we retore the shine by removing any micro-scratches, swirl marks, and/or spiderwebbing. Then, we finish with a coating of carnauba wax to protect the paint from future scratches and fading.

3. You Save Precious Time

You work hard all week, and you deserve your time off on weekends to spend with family and friends. We spend your day trying to detail your vehicle to the level of the professionals?. Hand the job of car detailing in Fairfax over to the experts at Automotive Protection Services and spend your day doing what you love and with the people you love.

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When you get your vehicle back from our auto detailing shop, you will hardly recognize it! Save your time for other DIY projects – or the “Honey Do” list.  Or better yet… just relax!

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