Fight COVID-19 with Car Detailing


car detailing in Fairfax

In our country’s effort to keep germs at bay, we try to avoid areas that may seem unsafe, such as public restrooms, airports and gyms. But what about your vehicle? Cars are germ magnets, and that’s why Automotive Protection Services offers car detailing to clients in and around Fairfax County, Virginia.

Prior to COVID-19, the clients who came to Automotive Protection Services requesting auto detailing tended to fit a particular profile. They were mostly drivers who had newer cars and valued cleanliness, and they were often busy professionals who didn’t have time to keep their cars as clean as they would like.

Today, customers requesting car detailing no longer fit any particular profile. Everyone wants their car clean and safe, no matter how it runs or how it looks on the outside.

How Would COVID-19 Get in My Car?

Think about how careful you are when you go to the grocery store. You wear a mask, you use hand sanitizer. But you touch shopping carts, food and keypads that literally hundreds of people have touched. For this reason, you may use hand sanitizer when you come out of the grocery store. But is that enough?

Were you using your phone in the grocery store? What about the bags — has anyone else touched them? Did you push the cart out to your car?

The truth is, by the time you touch your car handle, then your phone, then your steering wheel, then your phone again, you have spread germs everywhere.

AARP says gas pump handles are some of the dirtiest objects we touch. Did you sanitize your hands after the last time you got gas? Or did you just hop back in the car and drive off?

And what about when your spouse or your teenagers use the car? Do you think they’re as careful as you are? Your kids may even bring friends into the car who may touch the climate control and radio buttons and countless other surfaces.

Auto Detailing in Fairfax

Automotive Protection Services has detailed thousands of cars in and around Fairfax, VA, throughout the pandemic. Regardless of how your car looks, you still want it to be safe for you and your family.

Our car cleaning technicians not only thoroughly clean your car when you bring it in for auto detailing, but we also use an ozone generator. Ozone generators have long been in use in auto detailing to remove odors, such as those caused by cigarette smoking, pets, food and more. However, it also works as a disinfectant and is effective in killing viruses. We also wipe down your car’s inner surfaces with a spray disinfectant for double the protection.

If you are concerned about COVID-19 germs in your car — and especially if you use your vehicle for ridesharing — make an appointment to bring it in for auto detailing at Automotive Protection Services. We’ll make your car clean and safe again.