What Makes for Great Automotive Detailing


What makes for a great detail? 

Product, hard work, skill, the right tools?  Well, yes. All these elements combined can make for a great detail - it is possible to give a hard worker, who has some skills the right tools, good products, and they will produce some decent details - but what makes great details, time after time - is passion! At Automotive Protection Services in Fairfax Virginia, there is a guy who is passionate about detailing, Hugo Castillo. His process for producing consistent great details is born of nearly 30 years of hard work, honing his skills, plying his craft, and improving his trade. He posses no magic, only the lessons he's acquired over the years with his hands holding a buffer as it gently glides across the paint of countless cars.

black car from the front
black car from the back

Watching Hugo work is to watch a great master apply his skill. He starts by applying water, and shampoo, and then he gently runs his highly tuned fingers across the surface of the paint.  It's as though the surface speaks to him, letting go of its secrets, and revealing to him its imperfections, small scratches, and embedded impurities. Hugos's fingers pick up all the information he needs  - he then knows the exact areas of concern, where to use the claybar and compounds; at which grit and what pressure.

The results speak for themselves - time after time, after time. Gorgeous automotive finishes and beaming car owners!