Are DIY Ceramic Car Coatings Effective?


DIY Ceramic Car Coatings

Ceramic car coatings are a popular way to protect your vehicle from the elements and keep it looking its best. But are they worth the investment?

Here at Automotive Protection Services in Fairfax, VA, we get a lot of questions about ceramic car coatings.  We believe ceramic car coatings are the best way to protect your vehicle from the elements and the best way to keep your car looking new. In this blog post, we’ll take a quick look at what ceramic car coatings are and how they work, to help you decide if one is the right choice for you.

What Are Ceramic Car Coatings?

Ceramic car coatings are a type of paint protection that bonds with the clear coat of your vehicle to create a thick, durable barrier. This barrier helps to protect your paint from UV rays, tree sap, bird droppings, and other environmental contaminants that can cause premature aging and fading. Ceramic car coatings also make it easier to wash and wax your vehicle, providing a high-gloss finish that makes your car look brand new.

How Do Ceramic Car Coatings Work?

Ceramic car coatings work by bonding with the clear coat of your vehicle. The coating fills in any microscopic imperfections in the paint, creating a smooth surface that is less likely to be damaged by the elements. Once the ceramic coating has been applied, it is then cured by exposing it to UV light before becoming fully effective.

Are DIY Ceramic Car Coatings Effective?

There are many DIY ceramic car coating kits available on the market, but we recommend having a professional apply the coating for you. While it is possible to apply a ceramic car coating yourself, it can be difficult to get an even application and properly cure the coating if you don’t have experience with it. We’ve listed a few pros and cons for your consideration.


  • The cost of a DIY kit is cheaper than taking your car to a professional for coating.
  • Applying the coating yourself means you can control how much or how little you use, which can be helpful if you’re on a tight budget…though this can also lead to a “too thin: application making it a con.


  • Professional coatings last longer (up to 5 years) than DIY versions (which vary by manufacturer but typically less than a year)).
  • Applying a ceramic coating requires careful preparation of the surface beforehand. – thorough cleaning, chemical decontamination, polishing, isopropyl alcohol wipe down. MostSomething that many people are not equipped to do this onon their own.
  • If not applied correctly, a DIY ceramic coating can leave your car with streaks, spots, or bubbles. Ceramic coatings must be applied without direct sunlight, in the right temperature range, and in low humidity.
  • You don’t always get what you pay for. DIY products are sold online and what’s in the bottle isn’t always what they say it is.

So, should you opt for a DIY ceramic coating?

If you are good with your hands and have the time to invest then you may want to give it a try. Just remember, the prep work is tedious and the applicaiton process is tricky. You must be extremely thorough. If you get it wrong and need to remove it, you’ll need potentially harmful chemical agents that could damage your clear coat.

It is a safer, and likely more cost effective decision in the long run, to have the professionals at Automotive Protection Services apply your ceramic coating.

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