Protect Your Car This Winter With Car Undercoating


undercoating winter car protection

Car undercoating is like protective armor for your car. It helps it defend against the attack water and the elements wage on your car. Consider it a rust inhibitor.

Rain, snow, sleet, ice, and just plain water cause rust over time. Add in the chemicals and salt used to treat the roads during the winter and you have quickened the corrosion process.

With winter just a few months away, now is the time to protect your car with undercoating. At Automotive Protection Services, we offer a variety of quality vehicle protection solutions, including car undercoating services.

If you live in Fairfax, VA, or the surrounding DMV, you understand how unpredictable our winters can be. Some years we have little more than a dusting and other years we have feet. One thing you can count on is the road crews will be out early and often to spray chemicals and salt on the roads. But by applying undercoating to your car you can help protect it from the damages of winter.

What is Undercoating

Car undercoating is a defensive layer for your car applied to the undercarriage. To prepare your car properly, your automotive expert will want to clean the underside to remove all traces of dirt, sand, salt, brine, etc. Every nook and cranny should be thoroughly cleaned and then dried.

Areas not to be treated are taped off, a coating of cavity wax is applied, and then a thick layer of undercoating is applied to everything that doesn’t move or get hot. To learn more about the process check out our Undercoating page.

Benefits of Car Undercoating

If applied correctly and with professional-grade products, it has several benefits

  1. Rust inhibitor: We’ve talked about how car undercoating defends against rust and corrosion. It is the primary reason clients choose to add undercoating.
  2. Extends the life of your vehicle: Unprotected metal, when exposed to air and moisture, will oxidize and corrode.
  3. Protects your car: Undercoating can provide protection from dirt, debris, and small rocks kicked up from the road. Over time, these chips and scrapes allow moisture to infiltrate the undercarriage leading to premature wear and tear on your car.
  4. Can save you money: In a 2017 study, AAA reported drivers pay an estimated $3 billion, annually,  in rust repairs caused by de-icing methods.
  5. Sound deadening: Undercoating can also help to reduce road noise while you're driving. The extra layer of protection can help quiet mechanical sounds making for a more pleasant and comfortable ride, especially on longer trips.

To learn more about how undercoating would be valuable to your vehicle speak to our team at Automotive Protection Services today. While you have us on the phone ask about any of our other services - window tinting, paint protection, bedliners, and/or detailing.