Questions And Some Misconceptions About Undercoating


1 - Will undercoating void my warranty?

No, undercoating will not void your manufactures warranty. It's designed to work with your information

manufacturer's warranty, protecting critical parts like your frame and floor pan. Here is some additional

2 -  How do you apply the undercoat?

The very first thing that we do whenever we apply undercoating is clean the whole underside of the vehicle - we remove all dirt, mud, salt, chemicals, grease, everything that contributes to corrosion. Then we put the car up in the air using our four-post drive-on lift. Once in the air, we dry the underside of the vehicle using our high-pressure air system. Then we remove the spare tire (if it's located under the vehicle). Then we mask off the parts of the vehicle that we're not spraying (exhaust system, driveshaft, shocks). Then we spray the whole vehicle with a thick coating of undercoating - frame rails, floor pans, rocker panels, wheel wells, etc. Then we set it aside and allow the chemical to properly cure.

3 - I've heard undercoating can cause rust - is that true?

No, undercoating does not cause the formation of rust. Rust a chemical reaction when iron (part of steel) oxidizes. Undercoating helps to prevent this from happening by creating a barrier between the metal and environment surrounding it.

4 - Cars and trucks don't rust anymore so I don't really need undercoating, do I?

False, Cars and trucks do rust, while automobile manufacturers have made great strides in reducing rust occurrences they've not eliminated them. See this link for more information 

5 - When should I get my vehicle undercoated?

The most cost-effective time to undercoat your vehicle is when it's brand new. Once your vehicle has shown signs of rust it will be most expensive to remediate.

6 - If my vehicle already has rust it's too late, isn't it?

No, it's not too late at all - we do have a process to remediate the rust - it involves the use grinders wire wheels, wire bristle brushes, and the use of a rust inhibiting chemical. The process works and can be an excellent option after the purchase of a pre-owned vehicle.

7 - I thought this was just something dealers use to pad their sale, but it doesn't really work, right?

It does work if it's applied correctly.

8 - What is undercoating made of?

The undercoating we use in this shop is manufactured by Noxudol - it's a solvent based product. The particulars of their product are a trade secrete. 

9 - Is there a warranty with this product/service.

Yes, We offer a ten-year warranty for qualifying vehicles - less than 36 months and 36,000 miles from the date of manufacturer.

10 - How much will undercoating cost for my vehicle?

Prices vary depending on the size, and condition - however, a typical new vehicle can be treated for between $400 - $500