The Importance of Rust Prevention in Fairfax


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As a business owner in Northern Virginia, you understand the importance your commercial fleet of vehicles is to your business. As it travels up and down the beltway and RT 66, it advertises for you, growing your brand awareness. Their appearance speaks to the attention you and your team give to the smallest of details. A clean and well-maintained fleet says you deliver quality service to your clients.

Rust and corrosion can destroy your fleet’s appearance. More importantly, it can become a serious safety issue for your employees.

Rust – What You Need to Know

Once rust starts it is near impossible to eradicate. However, with the proper mitigation and ongoing preventive measures, rust can be arrested and your vehicles kept in good shape for years.

Rust, or oxidation, occurs when the metals in your vehicle are exposed to moisture for long periods of time. The corrosion begins when water molecules penetrate microscopic gaps in the metal.

Oxidation doesn’t need the liquid form of water. All it needs is moisture to be present in the air. Corrosion will begin with a relative humidity level of 65%. The average humidity level in Virginia is closer to 70%.

Over time corrosion will weaken the strength of the metal and create safety issues. John Nielsen, AAA’s managing director of Automotive Engineering and Repair, states that rust-related damage is “much more than a cosmetic issue, it can also create serious safety issues for drivers by impacting brake lines, exhaust systems, fuel tanks and electrical connections.”

Salt accelerates the corrosion process. While the salt and brine that VDOT lays down in the winter help keep us safe from accidents, it causes major damage to your vehicles. The salt carries moisture that seeps into the smallest part of your vehicle and can cause oxidation. When the temperature of your vehicle increases the oxidation rate also increases.

AAA reports that U.S. drivers spend approximately $3 Billion a year on rust repairs with each occurrence costing on average $500.

The good news…rust prevention is attainable.

Rust – How to Protect Your Fleet

As a significant operating cost for your business, the longer you can extend the life of your fleet the better your ROI. When your fleet is operating a peak performance that means it is an asset to your business and not a liability out for service.

Here are some simple and affordable rust prevention steps that can protect your investment.

  1. APPLY A RUST INHIBITOR TO YOUR FLEET with Automotive Protection Services. This is a low-cost investment that can result in significant savings over the long term. We apply Noxudol1 cavity wax as an undercoating to the frame, floor pan, inside door panels, rocker panels, tailgates, trunk lids, and inside the hood. The wax seals out air and moisture which lead to corrosion.
  2. CLEAN YOUR FLEET frequently. Remove dust, dirt, grime, salt, and brine from all areas, including the undercarriage, to minimize trapped moisture. During the winter months it will be even more important to remove the salt and brine from the wheel wells and the underside of the vehicle. Professional detailing at the end of the winter season will ensure all those hard-to-reach places are nice and clean.
  3. Thoroughly DRY YOUR FLEET after they have been washed. Remember water is the enemy here.

Automotive Protection Services values the investment you have made in your fleet of vehicles. We appreciate that your business suffers when one of your vehicles is out of service. We offer a broad variety of products to ensure your fleet conveys your company’s brand image while providing a safe work environment for your employees.

Check out Automotive Protection Services’ full line of products and services which include:

  • Rustproofing
  • Undercoating
  • Spray-in Bedliners
  • Paint Sealer
  • Auto Tint

As a proud family-owned-and-operated business in Northern Virginia for 40 years, Automotive Protection Services has over 50 years of experience and is the largest provider of undercoating services in the Mid-Atlantic Region.

We are honored to have been chosen to partner with some of the best companies in the Mid-Atlantic Region. We hope you will become one of our partners as well.

1. Noxudol, and its parent company Ausan, have been manufacturing rustproofing products for the automotive industry for more than 45 years and only work with certified experts. Noxudol backs its products with a 10-year warranty.

I have been working with Ian and Automotive Protection Services, in Fairfax, VA. for over 15 years to protect my fleet of trucks and work vehicles. APS has protected our fleet with a combination of Spray-in-bedliner, undercoating/rustproofing, and paint sealant services. As the owner of American Boiler in Alexandria, it is critically important to me that our fleet of over 25 vehicles not only hold up against corrosion, but also look good, and professional when they are out on road – after all those trucks serve as the face of our company, often times its those trucks that make the first impression on our customers. APS in Fairfax not only keeps our fleet looking great, but also saves us money. As a result of using APS, we are able to extend the life of vehicles in our fleet – getting more years out of our fleet is big savings over buying new.

If you’re a fleet owner or manager, I strongly recommend APS in Fairfax – the staff is friendly and knowledgeable, the work is professional, and the cost is reasonable. If keeping your fleet in service longer, and looking great is important to you, then give these guys a call, you won’t regret it.

Argentina – Owner
American Boiler, Inc.
Alexandria, Virginia

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