Can I Put Paint Protection Film on A Tesla?


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Your new Tesla is more than just the shiniest new toy on the block, and it just makes good sense to protect its paint as much as the engine, battery or any of its many components.

There are many road hazards in Fairfax, Virginia. Protecting your Tesla’s finish against kicked-up pebbles and other debris, harsh weather conditions (whether rain, hail stones or sunlight), or even normal wear and tear is an important part of keeping your car’s finish looking brand new. While utilizing so many new technologies, many wonder if paint protection film can even be applied to a Tesla, and if so, what are its benefits.

Fairfax’s Automotive Protection Services team has the answers you’re looking for, both about pain protection in general and how it works on Teslas specifically.

What Is PPF and How Does It Work?

Paint protection film, or PPF, is a thick, flexible clear film, similar to a vinyl wrap.

However, instead of changing the aesthetic look to your car like a vinyl wrap, this high-tech product is virtually invisible, extremely lightweight, and is designed solely to protect the paint of your car. It is made from a urethane polymer that actually gives it self-healing properties.

Paint protection film is normally applied to the front end of your car and is sometimes referred to as a “clear bra,” but can also be applied to protect the paint of the entire exterior.

How Long Does Paint Protection Film Last?

Paint protection film typically provides protection for 5-7 years and require little, or no, maintenance.

There are several types and levels of paint protection you can consider.

Alternatives such as waxing and paint sealant are other forms of paint protection but require repeated applications and provide less protection for your vehicle. Paint protection film can ultimately be a great return on investment.

Simple car waxes like Carnauba or Turtle wax are the least expensive. These products should be applied with every wash, but they offer little protection against anything beyond rain and sun fading. Paint sealant offers better protection, but is more expensive and must be applied every 3 to 6 months.

What Are the Benefits of Putting PPF on a Tesla?

Over time, even the best automotive paint loses its shine and suffers damage due to the elements and other normal circumstances. Paint protection film provides a durable, invisible layer that can take the hits from whatever weather or debris the roads kick up your way. It also protects against fading and oxidization.

The investment you’ve made into your Tesla – whether it be a Model 3, Model S, Model X or Model Y – deserves maximum protection. Your car will provide long-lasting and reliable performance, so why not make sure its paint finish stays looking showroom-new for the duration?

Paint protection film is a worthwhile investment in your Tesla’s appearance, value and longevity. Contact one of the automotive protection experts at Auto Protection Services in Fairfax for more information.