3 Reasons Paint Protection Film Is a Good Investment


paint protection film

The price of both new and used cars has soared in the U.S. as a result of parts shortages, shipping delays, and other issues related to the pandemic. The Bureau of Labor Statistics says that car prices have risen 40.5% from 2021 to 2022 — if you can even get the car you want. Many consumers wait months for the car they ordered to arrive. Because you are now paying so much more for your car than before, you want to do everything you can to preserve it, and that should include getting paint protection film at Automotive Protection Services in Fairfax, VA.

Why choose paint protection film for your car if you live in Northern Virginia?

1. Paint Protection Film Makes Your Car Looks Great!

Do you know what costs more than paint protection film? A garage. If you have a driveway or park your car in the street, the finish is constantly exposed to a barrage of damaging substances such as bird droppings, tree sap, road salt, dust, dirt, and bugs. All these conspire to spoil your beautiful paint job, leaving your car looking dull and lifeless.

Additionally, the hot sun damages your car’s finish as well. But with a paint protection film, your car will stay nice and shiny 24/7.

2. Protects Your Investment

You want your car to retain its value for as long as possible. Today, it’s not unusual to have a car loan for five to seven years. The last thing vehicle owners want is to still be paying for a vehicle that runs poorly or looks dilapidated. When you’re sinking tens of thousands of dollars into your car, you want to keep it up as nicely as possible.

You may think that frequent washing of your car will keep it looking as nice as with paint protection film, but this is not the case. When your car is coated with dirt and possibly sticky substances, you must scrub to get them off. This impacts the integrity of the finish. Additionally, dragging your dirty sponge all over the car can add additional fine scratches to the paint.

When you get Clearbra, we recommend you wash your vehicle at home with gentle car soap. Your car will stay bright and glossy for many years.

3. Boosts Resale Value

Not everyone keeps a car until it stops running — many people prefer to trade their car in for a new model as frequently as every two years. When you add paint protection film, your car’s finish will still look as beautiful as the day you bought it when you’re ready to trade it in. So you not only get the benefit of driving a gleaming car for years, but you get more for your money when you trade it in. Car dealers know they will be able to sell your car for a higher profit when it has paint protection film.

Ceramic Coatings in Fairfax, Virginia

If you want to go to the next level of paint protection consider ceramic coating. Ceramic coating is the latest in paint protection technology. providing the highest level of gloss with the least maintenance.

Contact Automotive Protection Services of Fairfax, Virginia, today and make an appointment to get paint protection film or ceramic coating for your vehicle.