What Are the Best Ceramic Coatings for Cars?


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Ceramic coatings are one of the most effective products for protecting your car’s paint and finish.

When you want to keep your vehicle’s finish looking showroom-new, you have a variety of paint protection films and sealants to choose from. For many vehicle owners, choosing a ceramic paint protection product makes the most sense.

In Fairfax, ceramic coatings are one of our specialties at Automotive Protection Services. To ensure quality and maximum protection, we use professional products from IGL Coatings™.

The following are just a few of the reasons that we prefer these products over other options you may be considering.

Why Choose Ceramic Coating for Paint Protection?

We have seen firsthand how badly our Fairfax VA roads and weather conditions can damage vehicle finishes. Even when the weather is nice, you face countless hazards every time you drive your car, including rocks, road debris, chemicals, bird droppings and more.

Adding paint protection keeps your car from suffering the cosmetic and physical damages that these and other hazards can cause. With a paint protection coating in place, you can stop worrying and start enjoying your time behind the wheel.

You can also stop worrying about the challenges of maintaining your vehicle’s finish. Ceramic coatings do such a good job at protecting your car that you’ll rarely have to give it more than a quick rinse or light sudsing.

Why the Product You Select Matters

Ceramic coatings for cars are some of the most advanced products available today. These high-tech products provide state-of-the-art protection from dust, pollen, UV rays, bird droppings and even acid rain.

However, not all ceramic car coatings are created equally. For example, you’ve probably seen infomercials and other advertising for DIY ceramic coatings. They tell you their products are the same as you get from a professional auto detailer, except that you’ll save money by purchasing from them and applying the coating yourself.

Don’t be fooled by these claims. The products used by automotive car detailing and tinting shops are only available to qualified professionals. Our team members are trained and experienced in their use. In addition, we have the advanced tools and equipment necessary for their correct application.

At best, the DIY products won’t provide you with the exceptional look and performance you get from a professional product. Worse, you could even damage your car’s paint.

Choosing the Best Ceramic Coating

Our IGL Coatings™ ceramic coatings are proven to provide the durable, long-lasting shine and protection you deserve. These products resist scratches and protect your paint from UV rays, harsh chemicals and other road debris and hazards. These products have hydrophobic properties, which allows them to actually repel water spots, dirt and contamination.

The Automotive Protection Services team goes through a detailed series of steps, to prep your vehicle for paint protection applications. Each of these steps is essential to a full, professional ceramic coating application. Any shortcuts or missed steps will not provide the results you’re looking for and, in some cases, could even harm your vehicle’s finish.

To learn more about why you should always trust a professional for paint protection – especially ceramic coatings – contact Automotive Protection Services in Fairfax today. We look forward to helping you find the best ceramic coatings for your needs.