Winter Is Here — Get Your Car or Truck a Protective Undercoating


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Winter in Fairfax, Virginia, is in full swing, replete with snow, ice, and cold temperatures — none of which is good for your vehicle. Have you put off bringing your car or truck into Automotive Protection Services for a protective undercoating? Find out what can happen to your undercarriage when it is left to fend for itself out in the elements.

How Virginia Weather Impacts Your Vehicle

Most of the snowfall days in Virginia are in January — about 5.5 days. February is second at 3.3, and December is last with 3.1 days. But the issue with your undercarriage is not simply falling snow, but how deep the snow becomes and how the roads are treated.

If your car is left out in a driveway, street, or parking lot your undercarriage can end up sitting in the snow for days or weeks at a time. The constant moisture of the snow can cause rust and corrosion.

Much of the damage to your car’s undercarriage is actually done when driving on Fairfax roads, so even if your car is garaged, it is still vulnerable. That’s why rainfall matters too, and it rains 162 days per year on average in Fairfax.

Moisture, road salt, and sand work together to damage your undercarriage, causing rust and corrosion. When you drive on Fairfax roads, your tires kick up sand that road crews put down to make driving safer. The effect is almost like sandblasting your undercarriage, causing scratches in metal parts. Once moisture infiltrates these scratches, rust sets in. This can happen in just one winter.

How Does Undercoating Help Your Vehicle?

When you choose Automotive Protection Services for a car undercoating service, we seal your undercarriage by applying a cavity wax and undercoating that provides a barrier between your undercarriage and the elements.

You may find some articles on the internet claiming that truck and car undercoating is harmful because it seals in moisture and actually promotes the spread of rust. This is true — if the undercoating is sprayed onto surfaces that are already wet or corroded.  That is why at Automotive Protection Services, we start by thoroughly cleaning and drying every crevice of your car’s underbelly should be clean, dry, and free of rust before undercoating is applied.

Getting Truck or Car Undercoating in Fairfax

If you have not yet gotten an undercoating for your car or truck, it isn’t too late. January is the messiest month for weather and road conditions in Fairfax, but you can still avoid the worst damage by bringing your vehicle into Automotive Protection Services today.

As top professionals in the industry, we work exclusively withNoxudol, a superior product we import from Sweden. We are so confident in the product and our skill in the application process that we offer a 10-year written warranty on your undercoating.

Choose Automotive Protection Services in Fairfax for all your undercoating, car detailing, window tinting, truck bedliners, and ceramic coating needs.