Window Tint Benefits: Damage Protection and Comfort


In part one of this two-part blog series, we went over some of the practical benefits of tinting the windows of any vehicle. While some tend to think of window tinting primarily as an aesthetic upgrade, it also has several and comfort-related benefits and some additional side benefits too.

At Automotive Protection Services, we’re happy to offer a wide range of window tinting services for a variety of vehicles and tint needs. Our window tint film options are both durable and aesthetically versatile, serving the combined purposes for vehicle owners.

What are some of the other practical use benefits that our clients get from their window tint, and why should you be considering this service even if darkening your windows for style isn’t a priority for you?

Here’s a breakdown.

Glass Damage Protection

Did you know that on top of being stylish, window tint is also a safety feature? This is due to the way window tinting protects the glass itself. Ultimately, window tinting is a plastic film, and while shatter protection isn’t the primary purpose of this film, it’s an excellent secondary one.

This means that unlike non-tinted glass, windows that are tinted will not shatter in the same way during a collision or in the event of an impact with, say, a rock thrown up by another vehicle. Rather, the shards of glass will stick to the window tinting film instead of bursting around the vehicle, which can injure passengers or the driver.

Reduced Heat Damage or Fading

If your vehicle has anything valuable in it, including many plastic and metal items, these become at-risk if you leave the vehicle in the sun for any significant period of time.

Warping is common for plastics, for instance, and metal products may experience similar kinds of damage in extreme heat. Window tinting, however, keeps the interior of any vehicle cooler, never allowing equipment to reach the high temperature of untinted vehicles.

The same goes for upholstery fading, which is common in older vehicles, as they suffer the prolonged effects of exposure to UV rays. Over enough time, these rays will bleach your upholstery and break down the fabrics, detracting from both comfort and vehicle value. Proper tinting will stop this from happening by blocking the UV rays.

General Comfort

Finally, for both the driver and any potential passengers, window tint simply creates better comfort. It won’t take as long for your air conditioner to cool the vehicle down when you first get into it in the summer, for instance, and anyone sitting in the vehicle for a longer trip won’t constantly be worried about blocking out the sun’s brightness.

For more on the practical benefits that come with window tinting, or to learn about any of our car detailing, paint protection or other vehicle services, speak to the staff at Automotive Protection Services today.