Practical Benefits of Vehicle Window Tinting, Part 1


practical benefits window tinting

There are several vehicle services that provide both practical and aesthetic benefits, and a great example here is car window tinting. Valuable for both specific day-to-day reasons and for those simply looking to improve their vehicle’s style, window tinting is available in several different quality formats today.

At Automotive Protection Services, we’re proud to offer a huge range of window tinting services for any vehicle, from high-performance carbon window film to CXP, NCP, and other industry leaders. What are some of the varied, versatile benefits of window tinting, not only to your style but also to your vehicle’s long-term care and protection? This two-part blog series will dig into a wide range of different answers.

Glare Reduction and Safety

One of the first areas where window tint often provides fantastic practical value is in an important safety realm: Glare reduction. Whether you’re a trucker who drives long hours or just someone who happens to hit the sun’s glare on the highway every evening when you drive home from work, there are many situations where extreme glare is more than just an annoyance – it’s an actual visual safety risk for drivers.

With quality window tint, however, this concern is diminished. It reduces glare through both windshields and windows, especially valuable for driving on wet streets or at night as well.

Cooling and Heat Reduction

Another fantastic benefit of tinting is the way it deflects solar heat, which has a couple of different trickle-down effects:

  • Cooling: During any sunny day where the vehicle needs to cool down, window tint helps this happen without putting a strain on your AC.
  • Reduced heat damage: Vehicles that spend significant time in the sun can be damaged on their interiors, from plastic warping to overheating risks and more. Window tinting is enormously valuable for any vehicle you know will be in these conditions for long periods of time, especially for business vehicles or any containing valuables that could be damaged by high heat.

The full ceramic (NCP) Nano Ceramic Protection film offers the best performance for cooling. The ceramic film blocks infrared sun rays, and it’s those infrared rays that produce the heat.

Set up an appointment and swing by the shop in Fairfax and we’ll give you a demonstration using our heat lamp display!

Visual Security

From work vehicles to personal ones, it’s common for valuable items to be left in a vehicle for some period of time. But as unfortunate as it is, there may be people out there canvassing vehicles for the valuables they can see, looking to break into those they view as most expensive.

With window tint, this simple avenue for thieves is gone. Suddenly, any unscrupulous individual trying to cause problems simply can’t see into your vehicle, and will almost certainly look elsewhere in search of a safer bet.

For more on the many reasons why tinting your vehicle’s windows are beneficial not only stylistically but also practically, or to learn about our window tint, paint protection, vinyl wraps, or other vehicle protection services, speak to the staff at Automotive Protection Services today.