Don't Let Winter Road Salt Ruin Your Ride—cars Still Rust


It's not unusual for folks to believe that modern cars are not susceptible to rust, but that's simply not the case. Steel can corrode, once exposed to water and air - and salt will accelerate that process. With the recent snow, V-DOT has been out on the roads aggressively treating to reduce ice and slippery conditions (a good thing to be sure) - but an unfortunate outcome is the corrosion all our vehicles will suffer as a result.

AAA estimates that road De-Ices Cause $3billon in annual vehicle rust damage...

There are steps that can be taken to reduce the risks and protect our vehicles. The first thing we should all do is clean off our vehicles, especially the undercarriage after driving in winter conditions. The pre-treatment, or brine, used in advance of winter weather is especially bad - it will remain active until removed - very effective at reducing ice, but can cause a lot of damage to our vehicles.

The other thing we can do is have our vehicles professionally Undercoated and treated for rust damage at a reputable shop - like Automotive Protection Services in Fairfax Virginia. APS has been protecting vehicle owners' cars against rust going back to 1979 as a family-owned and operated business. Typical undercoating jobs run between $400 and $500 and come with a ten-year warranty on new vehicles.

Within the past month, a customer from Maryland brought us a 2004 Expedition that was showing signs of rust damage. We have a process of rust remediation and treatment - but we quickly discovered that this truck was beyond our protection services, the frame was structurally compromised. While it's rare for us to see that much damage, it can and does happen. Unfortunately for the vehicle owner, there are few shops willing to work on it - none that we reached out to.

With more snow in the forecast, we can be assured that V-DOT will be treating the roads, and this will contribute to more corrosion on our vehicles. Safety on the roads is the primary concern - protection of our vehicles is then up to us.

Automotive Protection Services provides several automotive protection and appearance services throughout the Mid-Atlantic region. From undercoating, rust proofing, spray-in-bedliners, to car detailing with paint sealants and Paint Protection Films along with our vehicle accessories shop, featuring brands like BAK and WeatherTech you are sure to find exactly what you need to keep your vehicle protected from the elements and staying showroom fresh for as long as you own it.

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