Car Disinfecting/Cleaning

In today’s world, car disinfecting and clean services are critical for protecting the health of drivers, passengers, and anyone else who comes into contact with a vehicle. As effective as washing your hands and following other recommended practices might be, cleaning and disinfecting surfaces interior vehicle surfaces is critical for staying healthy – even when we aren’t facing a global pandemic,

As a part of our comprehensive auto detailing services, Automotive Protection Services offers expert cleaning and virus disinfecting for all types of vehicles. We can assist you with your personal vehicle as well as your company car, truck, or van. We also provide these invaluable services for automotive dealerships and all types of fleet vehicles.

The Importance of Car Disinfecting & Cleaning

The COVID-19 pandemic changed so much of how we live, work, and play. Any potential exposure to this virus poses a risk for even the youngest and healthiest among us. Unfortunately, you might have no way of knowing ahead of time whether an infected person may have been inside a vehicle.

The U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) recommends a set of guidelines for disinfecting and cleaning a vehicle that may have potential virus exposure. The process requires a variety of specialized equipment – including personal protective equipment or PPE – as well as the use of registered antimicrobials and other products necessary for effective disinfection.

Few of us have these resources sitting around. In addition, you might not be too eager to put yourself at risk of getting sick. That’s why it makes sense to call on us to handle the cleaning and disinfection of your vehicle.

Fleet Vehicle Cleaning & Virus Disinfecting

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If you own or manage a fleet, you face a variety of threats and even potential liability, should someone get sick from driving or riding in one of your vehicles.

As a critical component of our full range of commercial fleet services, Automotive Protection Service offers virus disinfection and cleaning services. Our flexibility and truly customized service means we can handle these tasks at our convenient Fairfax location.

You choose the types and frequency of the services you want, and we handle the rest. Even if you don’t have the need for window tinting, accessory installation, paint protection, or detailing, call on us to help keep you, your team, and any other stakeholders safe and healthy.

Car Disinfecting & Cleaning for Auto Dealerships

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As an owner or manager of a car dealership, you care about keeping your employees and your customers safe and healthy. Our car cleaning and disinfecting services can help you accomplish those objectives and more. We assist Fairfax automotive dealers with new vehicles, trade-ins, and any other scenarios that you might encounter.

When you trust our team to handle the car disinfecting and cleaning for your dealership, you can have confidence in the cleanliness and safety of the vehicles. You can, in turn, pass on this peace of mind to your employees and potential customers, helping you inspire trust and loyalty.

Whatever Fairfax VA auto detailing, cleaning, and disinfecting needs might be, contact Automotive Protection Service now to learn more or to schedule your services.