Spray-In Bedliners Offer the Best Protection


spray-in bedliners

If you use your truck for work — even if it’s for work on your own home — you need a spray-in bedliner. The professional team at Automotive Protection Services of Fairfax, Virginia, recommends spray-in bedliners to help protect your truck as well as the cargo you load into it.

You carry a lot of material in your truck — lumber, tools, machinery and more. Regardless of what type of work you do, you need to safeguard your supplies — and your truck.

Assuring Safe Transport

If you have been loading up your truck without a truck bedliner, you have likely noticed over the years that your truck bed has taken quite a beating. It’s probably scratched and maybe even rusty. If you haul scrap metal or other types of recyclables, it may not matter too much. But what if you transport valuable items?

You don’t generally have to be too careful with lumber, but what if you’re transporting finished wood, cabinets or furniture? You can’t afford to allow it to get damaged. Whether that damage comes from coming into contact with your scratched floor or from sliding around in the back of your truck, it’s going to cost money.

Spray-In Bedliner Solutions

A spray-in bedliner is the solution. Truck bedliners provide a protective coating for your truck bed, but for this coating to properly adhere, we must completely remove the original paint as well as any rust. Once this is done, your truck bed will look great again.

Plus, a spray-in truck bedliner provides a more slip-resistant surface than paint, meaning items will not shift around as much during transit.

Spray-In Bedliners vs. Drop-In Bedliners

Drop-in truck bedliners also provide protection for the items you’re transporting, but there are a few negative aspects of drop-ins that you don’t get with spray-on bedliners.

First, drop-in truck bedliners are hard plastic and sit inside your truck bed, so they can scratch the paint underneath. You may think this doesn’t matter very much if you plan to keep the liner in all the time because you won’t be able to see the scratches. But scratches make the metal more vulnerable to rusting.

Drop-in truck bedliners also tend to allow rainwater in between the liner and the truck bed, where it takes longer to evaporate. As it sits there, it promotes rust formation.

Also problematic is that if you transport cargo such as mulch, gravel or anything with small pieces, these can end up under the liner and do further damage to your truck bed.

A spray-in bedliner looks better, performs better and offers better protection for your truck. To find out more about spray-in bedliners, window tinting, detailing and our other services in Fairfax, Va., contact Automotive Protection Services today.