Winter Time Paint Finish Protection


Winter is often a time of year that we hear folks saying the same thing - "I think I'll wait until the spring before I get my car detailed "- and sure we get that... But there is more to consider. The harsh conditions of the winter weather, combined with the strong chemicals that the road crews put down can cause some serious impacts to your vehicle, it's actually the time of year when the most vigilance must be employed to protect your cars finish. Here are a few strategies that will help you protect your pride and joy until the weather turns warm again.

snowplow salting roads

Get a Quality Paint Sealant Designed to Withstand Winter Weather

Superior paint protection can withstand exposure to road salt and cold temperatures. Dirt, snow, salt, and grime are easier to clean off your car’s exterior when there is a synthetic paint sealant. The polymers in modern paint sealants create an effective shield from water, road salts, and chemicals. Paint sealant will also seal paint chips and scratches, thus reducing further damage caused by oxidation.

Talk to your auto detailer about the best paint sealant options for the winter conditions in your area.

Protect Your Vehicle’s Tires & Wheel Wells

Freezing temperatures can damage your tires. The rubber needs to stay hydrated to prevent cracking. Get your tires treated with a quality tire dressing that not only keeps them looking good but also acts as a barrier from the harsh elements of winter and the ozone that causes rubber to deteriorate. A protective wax for your wheels will repel snow and ice. It requires regular reapplications to provide maximum protection.

Treat your wheel wells with a silicone-based dressings to prevent the buildup of snow, ice, and road salt. Undercoating in your wheel well is the best way to protect your vehicle against the formation of rust.

While you are at your professional auto wash, make sure your tires are properly inflated. Colder temperatures make tires under-inflated, thus making it difficult to maneuver on icy roads.

man disinfecting and detailing auto interior

Treat the Interior of Your Car

Winter can be troublesome to leather and cloth upholstery. Cold air removes moisture from leather. In order to restore moisture to the leather, treat it with a special conditioner before the temperature dips below 50 degrees Fahrenheit. The leather is poorly receptive to conditioner if the temperature is below 50 degrees.

Cloth upholstery can easily get water stained from even the smallest amount of snow or freezing rain on your coat and gloves when you sit in your vehicle. Professional auto detailing services wash your car seats and treat it with special products that make cloth upholstery more stain-resistant. Alternatively, you can have your detailer spot clean stains as well.