Tips for Caring for Your Car’s Ceramic Coating


caring car’s ceramic coating

If you’ve recently had ceramic coating installed on your vehicle for paint protection and related needs, you’ve made a great move. Ceramic coating is the very best and latest in paint protection technology available today, offering not only high-quality protection solutions but also gloss, great aesthetics and limited maintenance needed.

At Automotive Protection Services, we’re proud to offer ceramic coatings and various other paint protection and window tint options to any of our clients. And while the limited maintenance are we just mentioned is true, it’s not the same as requiring no maintenance – you still do have to perform some basic upkeep and cleaning tasks on ceramic coatings, just like you would for any vehicle. In addition to our numerous options for ceramics, here are some basic tips on caring for your car’s ceramic coating in the proper ways.

No Car Wash

Especially in the immediate aftermath of installing ceramic coating on your vehicle, we advise against running the vehicle through any professional car wash. While it’s convenient, these car washes come with several power components and chemicals that may interfere with the coating’s purposes, especially after it’s just recently been installed.

In fact, many ceramic coating installers recommend that such vehicles simply never are run through the car wash. Generally speaking, it’s best to hand wash cars that have this coating, though after multiple years an occasional trip to the car wash won’t be the end of the world.

Proper Soap Usage

And for your home washing sessions after a ceramic coating has been applied, the first important consideration is using the proper soap. Ceramic coatings require a pH-neutral shampoo that is neither to acidic nor too alkaline – there are several shampoos made specifically for use on ceramic coatings, so finding this will not be difficult. In addition, you should be using soap without wax or any other additives, which will give you a great finish and prolong lifespan.

Two-Bucket Technique

The two-bucket technique is also vital, one where you have a single bucket for washing and another for rinsing. You dip your cloth or microfiber mitt into the washing bucket and wash, then dip it into the second bucket to rinse it off. Keep this method for the entire vehicle, allowing you to ensure you don’t leave streaks.

Regular Upkeep

Finally, the single best theme you can maintain when it comes to caring for ceramic coatings: Regular attention. Whether it’s a light polish to remove dust or a full-on car wash, keeping the ceramic coating clean and free of concerns will help it last for years while providing great aesthetics.

For more on how to care for your car’s ceramic coating, or to learn about any of our paint protection, window tint or detailing services, speak to the staff at Automotive Protection Services today.