Top 3 Automotive Rust Prevention Tips for the Virginia Fall & Winter


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Rust and corrosion can cause serious damage to your vehicle. In and around the DC metro area, this problem is especially pervasive during the fall and winter months.

Adding an undercoating or rust inhibitor to your vehicle is the best way to protect it from this threat. Adding these simple tips, brought to you by the Fairfax window tint and paint protection experts at Automotive Protection Services, can provide even more protection for your vehicle.

Following these rust prevention tips will help preserve the value and appearance of your car, truck, or SUV.

No. 1: Wash Your Car

Even if you have rust-proofing undercoating on your vehicle, you need to blast your car’s undercarriage regularly.

In Virginia and the surrounding areas, various chemical mixtures are used to keep streets and roadways clear of snow and ice. Left in contact with the vehicle’s metal surfaces, a moisture-attracting residue forms. Unless you clean this residue away, rust and corrosion are inevitable.

Applying rustproofing to your vehicle’s undercarriage will help prevent corrosion. However, no product can overcome repeated, long-term exposure.

It only takes a few thorough washings each season to reduce the risk of developing rust. Whether you take the DIY approach or take your vehicle to a car wash, make sure you’re getting the undercarriage well.

As an alternative, bring your car in for a professional detailing for maximum protection.

No. 2: Repair & Protect Your Car’s Paint

If your paint has chips, scratches or any other type of break in the paint, you’re opening the door to rust and corrosion. Get your paint touched up or repaired as quickly as possible. Then add a professional paint protection film, car paint sealant, or ceramic coating.

Although automotive paint doesn’t protect every surface of your vehicle, it covers a lot of automotive real estate. By taking care of your vehicle’s paint with one of the options above,  will help keep rust and corrosion at bay.

No. 3: Get Your Car Undercoated & Rust Proofed

Rustproofing the underside of your vehicle is arguably the most important part of controlling corrosion. The undercarriage doesn’t have the protection that painted surfaces do – and it can be difficult or impossible to truly clean after exposure to corrosive substances. Professional detailing will ensure those hard-to-reach areas are thoroughly cleaned.

In Fairfax, Virginia, and throughout the DC metro area, call on the paint protection experts at Automotive Protection Services.

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